Wedgwood Laptops

Does your laptop have water damage, or has it recently suffered a spill? Before you assume the worst, have us take a look at it. Our affordable hardware troubleshooting exam will let you know if it makes financial sense to fix or whether your money would be better put toward a new computer. We've been able to save customers literally hundreds of dollars compared to other repair shops! Is the screen broken on your notebook? We also offer a full range of laptop screen replacement options. Software problems can be fixed with our remote services which save you time and money. If you've got a hardware problem, we can fix or upgrade your CPU, hard drive, memory or other components. Contact us to learn more!

Laptop and Notebook Computer Repair in Dallas doesn't have to be expensive. You can find good service with exceptional quality from many independent repair shops. Whether you've got a Dell, Hewlett Packard HP, Apple Macintosh ( Mac ), IBM, Lenovo, Sony, or any other make, there are a lot of affordable options to choose from. A broken laptop or notebook screen doesn't mean you need a new computer. Many are easily replaced in Dallas for as little as a hundred dollars or more. Similarly if you're running out of storage space or memory, these can be easily upgraded to fit your needs. Netbooks are serviceable as well as notebooks and laptops. Any computer can be repaired affordably and updated to run Windows 7, XP, Vista, or Tiger or (Snow) Leopard without a problem. The biggest reasons for laptops and notebooks to crash are due to overheating. So many electronics in such a small space leads to this problem. So, with any upgrade, make sure to ensure that adequate cooling of the computer is present. This will ensure the repair or upgrade on your laptop or notebook is successful.

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