Kings Highway Conservation District Computer Recycling

Computer recycling is a great way to get some extra money for your old and unused systems while helping the environment at the same time. Getting a good price is always easy using one of our drop off sites, or we can even pick up your computers for no extra charge. Unlike other companies, we can either give you your hard drive back to dispose of or we can erase it for you for free. Whatever you do, don't take a chance with your personal data, it's not worth it. Recycling is a smart move, but you don't want to make any mistakes

There are many different ways we can recycle your machines. If they are still relatively modern, they may find use in a school or community center. For computers that are very old, or ones that are broken beyond repair, they may be either recycled or melted down into raw components and metals. In this way, you'll make sure to not be poisoning the landfills of our community and still taking care of business responsibly.

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